Globalisation and “multiculturalisation” are two inevitable processes in this new century. On the one hand the world is becoming ever more homogeneous, as the differences between national markets become ever smaller – and, for some products, disappear altogether. On the other hand, differences become reinforced and highlighted between nations, regions and ethnic groups in respect of cultural factors such as customs, traditions and language. As a result, brand identities and marketing messages can be interpreted differently in different cultures and language groups.

An advertising campaign devised and successfully carried out in one country should be carefully analysed, adapted and evaluated before being used in other countries, so that it is optimised for each target group. With our help, you can ensure that your marketing project won’t just be “translated” correctly, but will also be sensitive to the cultural differences that make your message meaningful.

We help international businesses that want to reach the Swedish market adapt their communication, but also Swedish businesses that want to reach international markets.

We can help you with

  • desktop publishing (DTP)
  • cultural adaptation (to the perspective of the recipient culture)
  • graphic language adaptations eg Arabic, Chinese, Russian
  • market adaptation of strategies for the Nordic countries
  • project coordination of projects in seven languages