Like many European countries, Sweden is a desirable market for products and services from around the world. Despite the general similarities of its culture to others within and outside of Europe, there are specific features to Swedish culture that must be taken into careful consideration when trying to break into the market. But Swedish culture is no longer the only culture in Sweden – people from Middle East, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere in Europe now make their homes here. How would their cultures inform their reactions?

As new traditions and cultures become established in Sweden, it is a natural consequence that the market for certain services and products either emerges for the first time or grows. Today at least 17% of Sweden’s population have a multicultural background. That means there are 1.7 million potential customers. Their total purchasing power is about SEK 300 billion, a fifth of the total purchase power in Sweden. Our cultural surveys and analyses provide the insights required to help you establish a relation with them and the Swedish population in general.

In today’s fast-paced and complex media landscape, it is not easy getting the message out there to target groups you know well. The challenge becomes that much greater when your target group has other cultural values and speaks a language you are not used to and have other ways of consuming, communicating and of categorizing their everyday existence. Identifying great insights are every marketer’s dream. Let us help you achieve yours.

We can help you with

  • qualitative and quantitative marketing surveys
  • anthropological field studies (participating observation)
  • consumption analyses of multicultural target groups
  • lectures on cross-cultural communication and understanding.