Language is the foundation of all culture in all countries and all epochs. The story of the Tower of Babel illustrates humanity’s need to explain the origin of our languages and cultures and the divisions between them – to understand why we don’t always understand each other.

Space 360’s pooled expertise allows us to convey communication and increased understanding between people and cultures in more than 60 languages. Our leading speciality is in the typographically more challenging languages such as Arabic, Somali, Chinese and Russian. Naturally we also work in the most common EU languages, in the world’s most commonly spoken languages (including their dialects), and in Sweden’s minority languages.

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In addition to our in-house designers, translators, language reviewers and copywriters, we have a wide-ranging network of more than 400 carefully selected professional language specialists who work exclusively with their native languages. Many of them are also sector specialists in everything from banking to the fashion industry. Their specialist knowledge is a guarantee that the words and symbolism convey the intended meaning to each linguistically specific target group.

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