Have you got a text that you don’t just want translated literally, but that you want reviewed so that it comes across clearly, with correct sentence structure and its language and style adapted to the target group?

We can offer language reviews at various levels. Proofreading checks spelling and grammar, while a language review is a more in-depth analysis of the text. A language review amounts to a quality assurance process for your text. Reviews are always done in dialogue with the author.

We can also offer graphic consistency reviews, in which we ensure that the layout is consistent and logical in a publication ready to be printed or published digitally.

Proofreading corrects mistakes in writing:
  • spelling and compounding errors
  • punctuation and sentence structure
  • errors of grammar, e.g. tense, inflection, conjugation
  • consistency, i.e. that terms, spellings, abbreviations etc. are used in the same way throughout the text.
A language review begins and ends with proofreading, but also goes deeper into your text:
  • style and structure
  • disposition, e.g. paragraphs and headings
  • flow and rhythm of the language
  • inconsistencies of language level, e.g. using informal expressions in a formal text or difficult words in a text meant to be easy to read and understand.
  • the accessibility and clarity of the text
  • any lack of coherence in the message, or leaps of reasoning that the author needs to clarify
  • the tone – the choice of words, form and style have been adapted to the target group.