A text translated word for word will be correct – in terms of each individual word. But if you don’t adapt the text to its intended language and cultural context, you risk losing its integrity, its contextual and emotional nuances, and ultimately its meaning. If that happens, the final result will be anything but correct.

Many people can write or translate a text that intends merely to inform, but writing or translating a message requires language specialists who are familiar with the local language and culture of the target group. The message may need to be reinforced or toned down in order to be taken on board by the intended target group. Something that is totally neutral in one culture may be offensive in another, and the same message or tone can be interpreted differently, and have different effects, for different target groups within the same language group.

Our job is to minimise the risks that misunderstandings will occur in your communication and marketing. Whether we are dealing with an information brochure from German or an advertising campaign in Sweden for an American company, we turn to our network of language professionals who specialise in different areas and industries.

Some of these professionals work in the countries in question in order to remain close to their language and culture, but the majority are based in Sweden. Which specialist is right for you depends on your needs and aims – we will find the one to help you reach your target groups.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll help you along the way.

We can help you with

  • translations of general texts
  • translations of legal or financial texts
  • authorised translations
  • industry-specific translations
  • transcriptions of sound files
  • management of internal client projects.