Space 360

It all starts with a word…

Since 1992, Space 360 has delivered high-quality language and graphics services to companies in Sweden and other countries, and to state and municipal authorities. We offer language services in 120 languages and dialects.

What makes Space 360 different?

Space 360 was the first company in the Nordic countries to be ISO 17100 certified (the international standard for language services) and is one of four suppliers that has signed a framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet regarding language services. This means we have a framework agreement with most of Sweden’s government agencies and county councils.

Another thing that makes Space 360 stand out is that we have a great deal of knowledge in particularly demanding languages, for example Arabic, Somali, Russian, and Chinese.

Moreover, we offer total solutions. For example, help with graphic production may be suitable when layouts need to be adapted in order to reach the target audience in a certain region more easily. An everyday expression in one language may be shocking in another. Apart from text, colors and forms also symbolize different things in different cultures. Below are a few of the services Space 360 offers:

Our services

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Interpreting
  • Help with graphic design of brochures, posters, manuals, flyers, etc.
  • Subtitles and dubbing of moving media.
  • Target group adaptation of translations for different cultures (localization).
  • Target group adaptation of layouts for different cultures (localization).
  • Industry-specific translation of technical language.
  • Transcription of sound files to text.
  • Translation of Web sites and apps.