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Proofreading and Language Review

Language review, which includes proofreading, is a great way to quality-assure your text. In proofreading, any spelling, grammatical errors, etc. can be corrected to ensure that your text works in the context and is correct from a linguistic perspective. It is an inexpensive form of insurance, because we know that the trust in a text and the author or company behind the text weakens if the reader finds linguistic or other grammatical errors in the text.

With a language review we analyse, examine and correct your text to make sure that your communication is professional and attractive. We ensure that your text makes the impression that you want and that it has the right style and tone. We also customise your text for the local market, both linguistically and culturally. Language auditing is always done from the target audience’s perspective and is designed to get your message across in the very best way possible.

At Space 360, a proofreading provides a thorough review of your text. We correct everything from simple typing errors and spelling mistakes to grammatical errors

However, if you order a language review, we also review the overall outline, comprehensibility, construction, style, clarity, tone and any possible ambiguous use of language. When carrying out a language review we also make sure that the text uses your company’s specific terminology.

How much is a proofreading or language review?

Please contact us to get an estimate for a proofreading or language review, as it is hard to estimate the exact number of hours involved. The price is influenced by the complexity, quality of the original text, languages in question and of course the length of text.There might be other factors, such as industry-specific requirements and certifications needed which can influence the price.

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