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Target Group Adaption

Who are you talking to, why are you talking to them and how do you talk to them?

Target group adaption or customisation is easy to talk about, it is easy to understand the principle, but can be among the hardest things to actually materialise. One of the main reasons behind this is that we still can not read other people’s thoughts. Over the years, marketers and communicators have tried to understand and segment their target groups.  Originally socio-economic classification was quite a good indicator, but in a global world language, culture and localalisation are becoming increasingly important factors.

At Space 360, you can get help with linguistic and dialectal adaptation of text material to accommodate different regions. We help you with market adaptation and cultural adaptation of your strategies, your message, and also how best to communicate with your target audience.

We can even help you with voiceover, subtitles, visual and graphic production, as well as illustrations, so you can be sure to communicate properly with the right people at the right time.

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