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Subtitles & Voice-Over

Space 360 ​​offers subtitle, dubbing and voice-over services in most languages. We help you with your manuscript, casting and lip synchronisation and ensure the nuances of the language come across convincingly.

Dubbing, also called voiceover, is a type of post-synchronisation where a new version of the voice track is recorded in the local language and added to an already-completed production.

Space 360 ​​helps you localise company presentations, training videos and product trailers and much more. We have a large database of voice actors and actresses for duplication services in most regions.

The advantage of voiceover is that the viewer does not have to look at the text to comprehend your message, and you do not have any space obstacles as you might have with subtitles. Another advantage of dubbing is that people who cannot read or have trouble reading, such as small children or dyslexics, and those with impaired vision can easily receive and understand the message.

Space 360 ​​also offers subtitling for a large number of language combinations. We make sure that your subtitles maintain the highest standards and convey style, tone and message correctly. In addition, we ensure that the content is tailored for your audience. Our experienced translators take care of everything down to the smallest detail. All our translators have extensive experience, which guarantees you a high level of quality and understanding with your audience.

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