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Translation & Cultural adaptation of your production work

Can you translate text directly in the layout?

Previously, Word files were exported from a layout file by default when sending a text for translation. When the translation was completed, the work of assembling the translated text in the existing layout required both extra time and financial cost. Space 360 ​​helps you cut out this extra work by translating directly in your layout file.

How do you get an InDesign file translated into multiple languages?

If you wish to print a ready-made layout, you send the layout file to us and we will make sure that the text is translated and mounted in the existing layout. That way, you can be sure that the translated text fits your layout in terms of text length and format.

How much more space does the translation need to fit the layout?

Different languages ​​take up various amount of space. For instance English is expected to take up 25% more space than Swedish and the same applies to the Finnish language. If you know at the start that your layout will be translated into several languages, leave space for at least 25% more text, so that you can be assured that the translation will fit into the layout as well.

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